Static - Etchings Press (forthcoming)

Short Fiction:

Wolf - Microstory

You Need To Stop Texting Me – Microstory

AstroTurf - Stymie

The Man They Called West/Who Does Not Fear the Avalanche/A G.O.O.D. Man Hard Found - #GOODLitSwerveAutumn (NAP)

Dead by Twenty-Five – Flywheel Vol. 2 (under F. D. Pelzer)

Super Fly-Weight – Stymie (under F. D. Pelzer)

Produced Scripts:

Prank - Tabula Rasa Theatre Company (July 2013)

Dark Matter - Throughline Theatre Company (May 2012)

Random Acts of Violence - Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre (January 2012)

Gallery (cowritten with Sean Sears) – Redeye Theatre Festival (September 2011)

Nora the Explora – Redeye Theatre Festival (May 2011)

East Bloc Surf City - Redeye Theatre Festival (October 2008)

Other Works:

    Form And Void: An Essay on True Detective - (Pop) Culturally Informed

    Bananas for Breakfast