Static: Stories- Etchings Press

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West Coast: Three Stories - The Offing

Soft- Specter

Minutiae- Lockjaw Magazine (contributor)

Blood - N/A Literary Magazine

Blue Subaru - millenial garbage

Your Ghost - Wyvern Lit

Wolf - Microstory

You Need To Stop Texting Me - Microstory

AstroTurf - Stymie

Kanye West Triptych - #GOODLitSwerveAutumn

Dead By Twenty-Five - Flywheel Vol. 2 (as F.D. Pelzer)

Super Fly-Weight - Stymie (as F.D. Pelzer)

Previous Fiction Editor for Wyvern Lit Magazine


Bananas for Breakfast - Written with Matt McArdle, Art by Roxane Cain