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Analogue (Sci-fi Horror)

The crew of a deep space simulator suspect one amongst them is a saboteur when their habitat begins to break down.

Annihilator (Horror)

A guilt-ridden UFC fighter attempts a return to the ring while working as an enforcer for the mob and haunted by the ghost of the man he killed.

Worldender (Sci-fi Horror)

An isolated loner works to bring about the apocalypse he believes an extra-dimensional intelligence has chosen him to help herald.

Starter Home (Horror Comedy)
When a married couple start receiving threats after moving into an exclusive neighborhood, they set out to discover out which of their yuppy neighbors are responsible before the escalating violence strikes too close to home.


Lights in the Sky (Sci-fi Dramedy)
After an ornery cropduster goes bankrupt, she has to move in with her estranged daughter and granddaughter to help set-up and run their tourist attraction in a UFO-obsessed small town.

Cavaliers (Action Sci-Fi)
A teen dirtbag accidentally gets chosen to inherit magical superpowers and has no choice but to save the world from alien invaders - even though it gets in the way of getting fucked up.

Imperial Beach (Comedy, Noir)
A wannabe Samurai and an alcoholic boxer must work together to find a missing smuggler in the strange criminal underbelly of Southern California.

The Do-Over (Sci-fi Comedy)
A selfish corporate hack teams up with her time traveling future self to finally stop making bad life decisions, even though it may cause the end of the universe and everything in it.