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  • When The Devil Knows Your Name (Crime, Thriller): A corrupt cop struggles to cover her tracks after a kidnapping gone wrong.
  • The Dog (Sci-Fi, Thriller): A homeless woman, conditioned to be a literal guard dog by a rich family as a joke, goes on a murderous spree through high society of near-future Chicago in search of the family‚Äôs daughter, lost on her watch.
  • Starter Home (Horror, Comedy): When a married couple start receiving threats after moving into an exclusive neighborhood, they set out to discover out which of their yuppy neighbors are responsible before the escalating violence strikes too close to home.
  • The Caretaker (Sci-Fi, Action): A wounded vet and her companion AI fight to defend their wind farm at sea when a mute girl washes up at their facility with her kidnappers not far behind.


  • Imperial Beach (Comedy, Noir): A wannabe Samurai and an alcoholic boxer must work together to find a missing smuggler in the strange criminal underbelly of Southern California.
  • Savage Creatures (Supernatural, Crime, Drama): A troubled addict races against corrupt cops and gang enforcers to find the killer of a drug dealer, though all soon find themselves up against an evil beyond their understanding.
  • Growing Up Satan! (Comedy): Satan learns about love, family, and responsibility after God traps her in the eternal limbo of a mediocre 90s family sitcom.
  • The Resurrectionist (Sci-Fi): An immortal cowgirl must join forces with a naive grave-robber in order to take on the corrupt forces of a post-apocalyptic Earth.